Ablewe Two Port HDMI KVM Switch

My Setup

  • Two laptops each with a full-size HDMI port
  • Logitech wireless mouse
  • Steelseries USB keyboard
  • 27" Samsung 4K monitor (shared by KVM)
  • 24" Dell 1080P monitor (dedicated--not shared by KVM)

The Dell monitor has two USB ports. So, I plugged the two cables from the Steelseries USB keyboard into it. Then, I ran the USB cable from the monitor to the KVM USB keyboard port. I plugged the small Logitech wireless mouse transmitter into the KVM USB mouse port. Finally, I ran the HDMI and USB cables for PC1 and PC2 to the two laptops.


Why not buy a KVM that supports two monitors to two computers?

  1. I didn't want to spend that much
  2. My second laptop doesn't support two monitors without additional hardware

First Impressions

The KVM does not take up much desk space. I like that the light in the button changes color depending on which PC I have active--green for one and blue for two. You must use the button to switch between PCs--it doesn't have any other method for switching. I knew this when I purchased it. If you want a KVM with a keyboard shortcut, you'll have to pay a little more to get it (see the affiliate links below).

The Ablewe Two Port HDMI KVM Switch does not have any cable management or mounting capabilities--it's designed to reside on your desk. You could probably stick some double-sided tape on it (or use super glue) to mount it on another surface. I have not noticed any heat build-up on the KVM I purchased. So, it's probably safe to use a DIY mounting mechanism (obviously, you do so at your own risk). I don't mind the minimal desk space it takes.

When switching from PC1 to PC2 (or PC2 to PC1) it takes about 3 - 5 seconds for it to complete the switch. Not a deal breaker for me--especially at this price point.

It does have one annoyance, however (on Windows at least). All the applications on the shared monitor (the 27" Samsung) for PC1 (which does support dual-monitors) move to the Dell (dedicated to PC1) monitor. Based on my previous experience with KVM switches, I knew this might happen. I don't know of any consumer-grade (less than $500) KVMs that would maintain an "active" monitor signal to the inactive PC and prevent this annoyance.


Does the KVM still work if you power off one of the two computers?

Yes. It does.


5/5 - If you need an inexpensive 2-port HDMI KVM, buy it!