Series - The Grimnoir Chronicles

You may consider some of what I say in these reviews "spoilers." I do not intend to give anything major away. Still, reader beware.

Audiobooks in the Series

Overall rating: 4.5/5 - I really enjoyed the alternate reality and the characters.

  • Series Author: Larry Correia

  • Series Narrator: Bronson Pinchot

  • Hard Magic

    • Length: 16 hours, 22 minutes
    • Released: 3 May 2011
  • Spellbound

    • Length: 16 hours, 52 minutes
    • Released: 20 Feb 2012
  • Warbound

    • Length: 17 hours, 16 minutes
    • Released: 6 Aug 2013


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I think my favorite characters are Jake and Faye. Correia did a good job with pacing and character development in each of the three novels. I found Pinchot's narration spot on. Good job, Pinchot! I really appreciated Faye's struggles with power and her choices in the end. "Heavy" Jake Sullivan's never give up spirit really made me like him. How the "Active's" powers come about and why may challenge your reality. It's fantasy. I rolled with it.

This was my first alternate reality series. I enjoyed it. Thanks, Larry Correia, for writing it and Bronson Pinchot for narrating it. You two rock!