Test Notice



This is an error notice.
This is a question notice.
This is a warning notice.
This is an info notice.
This is an example notice.
This is a tip notice.
This is a note notice.

Original Idea and Code

Thanks to Luiz for the original code and idea for the notice shortcode. You can find his theme here luizdepra/hugo-coder. I like the Compose theme tip shortcode. But, I wanted these notice shortcodes too. I modified the SCSS by converting it to SASS. I then modified the colors and some of the margins and padding to suit my purpose. Luiz forked Font Awesome and used them in his code. Doing the same for the Compose theme seemed a bit daunting to me. So, I downloaded the SVG files and followed advice from Nick Galbreath on Client9 to create a shortcode and some CSS to size, position and color the SVG files. Since the Compose theme already has a tip CSS class, I had to further modify the notice CSS to remove the formatting on the border--I admit, it's a kludge.