Easy Elevated Dog Bowl


Zoe's New Elevated Dog Bowl

I decided to build a simple elevated dog bowl holder. I used a tape measure to find the desired height of the elevated bowl. I measured Zoe's front legs at about 10" long. So, I went with 9" long for the leg height (plus 3/4" for the table width = ~10"). I figured I could add a button or something else if I needed a little more height. I didn't need it. I went to the local "box store" and purchased a single 6ft long x 1ft deep x 3/4" wide (cheap ~$10) #2 pine board. For the center support, I used a 1" unfinished square pine "leg" I had hanging around and cut it to size. I also bought a can of Polycrylic and a 2in paintbrush. The 2in paintbrush ended up working out well for this small project.

This was my first time using the Massca Pro Aluminum Pocket Hole Jig (or any other pocket hole jig). I found it very easy to use. The instructions (yes, I read them!) said to secure the Massca jig to the table while using it. I used a Jorgensen F-style clamp to secure it to the table top.

I used a Dewalt circular saw for the cross-cuts and a Dewalt jigsaw for the circle cuts. Both the circular saw the the jigsaw performed very well. Let's just say I need (a lot?) more practice with the jigsaw.

For the circle cuts, I just placed both dog bowls on the board and drew a circle around them. I cut a hole in the center of each circle using a Dewalt drill. I forgot to measure the lip of the bowls before I started cutting. Luckily, I remembered before it was too late. After I got the circles cut out with the jigsaw, I fitted the bowls by sanding away wood with a Dremel tool.

I glued (Titebond III) and pocket hole joined the legs to the top. I left the Irwin Quick-Grip clamps on and let the joints dry over night.

The next day, I sanded the whole thing and wiped it down with a damp rag.

Note to self, buy tack cloth next time. Or, maybe not--the damp rag worked OK.

I let it dry and then applied the first coat of the poly. I waited an hour between each coat, sanded at 220 grit, and wiped it clean with a damp rag (waiting a few minutes for the water to dry) between coats. I applied a total of three coats of the poly.

It ain't perfect, but it works well. My dog, Zoe, seems to like it--she emptied her food bowl.